Write Right

This course is designed to improve the handwriting of children.

1. Handwriting Improvement
2. Cursive Writing

What is a Handwriting Course?

  • JIGSAW’s Handwriting course is designed to improve the handwriting of children as well as enable them to write in more designer fonts apart from regular writing.
  • Handwriting course allows a child to understand the motion of writing.
  • Our course equips children with a more practical and quicker approach to handwriting.
  • This course teaches children about the consistency of shape, stroke, weight, spacing & rhythm that makes their handwriting beautiful.

Benefits of Handwriting Course:

  • This course instils the habit of practicing writing in children.
  • It enhances the handwriting style of every child.
  • It brings consistency in children’s handwriting enabling them to put every stroke precisely.
  • Through this course, a child’s handwriting becomes comprehensible as well as beautiful.

Course Structure & eligibility:

  • This course will consist of 15 classes.
  • The course will include activities and writing sessions which will be taken by trained teachers.
  • Any child between the ages of 7 to 14 years can enroll in this course.
  • The child is required to practice handwriting regularly.

Handwriting Courses

This course is designed to improve the handwriting of children. It has 4 sub-courses, namely:
  • Handwriting Improvement: 6 to 11 yrs.
  • Cursive Writing: 4 to 11 yrs.
  • Calligraphy: 11 yrs. and above.
  • Designer Font: 11 yrs. and above.