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Jigsaw Wizard

Jigsaw Wizard is an all-India Abacus & Vedic Math competition for all the students of JIGSAW in pan India. In this competition every year 2000+ students participate. This competition has two levels, Zonal & Final. After both the levels are done, an Awards Ceremony is held to applaud the students’ & the Franchises are also awarded for their yearly performance.

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print media

Print Media

JIGSAW’s mission is to empower youngsters with skills that will contribute in their holistic development while also becoming an inspiration for others. Our efforts and work have been recognised and applauded by several newspapers and media outlets in the span of the past few years.

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abacus centres


We have more than 250 centers all over India with 50-100 children in each center. These centers are run by franchisees in collaboration with JIGSAW. Our centers are equipped with teaching aids relevant for children’s learning experience.

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abacus excertion


Apart from Abacus and other learning courses, JIGSAW also organizes other extracurricular activities such as Yoga, Sports, Marathon, Zonal Level Competitions, Picnics, etc. Here at JIGSAW, learning is not just bound to indoor activities.

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abacus kids playing


The Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid Course's structure is simple to learn and comprehend. The numerous math games maintain their attention and engagement. Abacus classes can be taken online or in person, and both have the same course format.

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our videos

Our Videos

Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid is a Famous Institute of Abacus Education & Abacus Franchise in India. We believe that setting the highest standards early in a child's education isn't only beneficial for them but also a fundamental requirement for their overall development.

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