Abacus Franchise Things You Should Know

Abacus Franchise is currently one of the education-related franchises with the fastest growth potential. However, as demand increases, so does the level of competition; as a result, more and more Abacus promoters are appearing daily.

The abacus franchise is a well-regarded social service as well as a successful company.

You will start out with training in your community when you launch your own abacus centre. Your goodwill is the first thing you will require. The quality of the training you offer must be top-notch. This will help in preserving your reputation.

If you're wondering,  How to start Abacus Centre?” and enthusiastic about beginning your abacus classes, be sure to consider the important aspects listed below.

1. Select a well-known brand.

The biggest challenge is Identifying the right Abacus franchise provider for you. You must recognize that abacus training is not a quick fix. So you check to see if the franchisor has a sizable amount of company experience.

It depends on your effort and goodwill. Therefore, you must pick a franchise for business that has kept its word and hasn't left any projects unfinished.

Choose a seller with a strong reputation both locally and nationally, if not internationally.


Every training company needs the support of the franchisors. Since you're presumably new to this industry, you'll need the right advice. You'll require;

  • To begin with, a helpful team, who makes sure that all of your inquiries are actively heard and addressed.
  • Later on, you will require assistance with marketing, ongoing curriculum enhancement, ongoing software upgrades, novel approaches, etc.
  • A dedicated system that assists you in resolving franchise-related questions.

If your franchisor is a good one, they will offer all of this assistance, building a solid base for your company. You'll also experience a sense of belonging to a strong and innovative team.

But how did you learn about the support before starting the abacus franchise business is the obvious query that remains in this situation.

The vast majority of well-known companies operating in both domestic and foreign markets have detailed descriptions of their services available on their websites.

What you see, you buy. Therefore, one of the things that parents are quite critical of is the caliber of the student work.

Abacus student kits are typically offered by well-known multinational corporations, and they typically include an abacus bag, printed textbooks, an abacus tool, practice materials, branded t-shirts, pencils and erasers, etc.

There may be a premium for these abacus franchisees. However, a poor student kit on Day 1 will damage your reputation with both parents and students.

In most student packages, Abacus providers merely include an Abacus tool and a few photocopied Abacus worksheets. However, you are free to decide what you want for your pupils and reputation.

The least you can do, then, before investing in an Abacus franchise, is to make sure that the student kit that you buy from the company is equipped with all the relevant material.



The abacus trainers will be your most crucial investment when you launch the abacus institute, especially if you have no idea how an abacus operates or how to conduct calculations on one. For all Abacus levels, you do not need to have received comprehensive training.

Therefore, to make things simpler for you, make sure the Abacus brand offers proper teacher training before picking them. The majority of franchisors charge teachers a large price for their Abacus training, but you may get around this issue by choosing a reputable brand that offers free training. Many brands also offer online classes as well as offline classes for Abacus teacher training.




You can first receive abacus training to become more self-assured and independent Numerous franchisors may charge you fees under various headings, such as fees for marketing materials, quarterly or yearly maintenance fees, fees for franchise renewal, etc. This hikes the upfront Abacus Franchise Cost. Therefore, it is crucial to form a straightforward agreement and to make everything apparent in advance.

The majority of the costs are reasonable and legitimate, but occasionally it is possible to fall victim to a trap and wind up shelling out a lot of money. So, think twice before you sign the deal. And don't be afraid to ask the franchisor if you're unclear about anything in particular.



Any business that engages in franchising must pay royalties. Anything above the existing market value of 10- 20% is unacceptable, according to the majority of the top abacus vendors. Numerous abacus businesses also provide high-end Abacus franchisees without any additional fees.

Consequently, you must exercise good judgement before taking any actions. A firm with ISO 9001:2015 certification, JIGSAW EDU SOLUTIONS PVT.

LTD., is dedicated to offering complete education solutions of the best caliber to help students realise their full potential.

Our company's philosophy places more emphasis on "smart work" than the more traditional hard work approach.

With its headquarters in Delhi, Jigsaw® was founded in 2006. The regional offices in India are situated in Bengaluru and Kolkata (West Bengal) (Karnataka). By theend of 2020, Jigsaw has more than 250 centres, up from just one in Delhi when it first opened in 2006. Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid is an international brand of abacuses. We offer premium service and round-the-clock assistance without any additional fees or royalties. Supported by 23 years of abacus education expertise. Available in 16 nations. With more than 2000 Abacus Franchise partners.

We provide our Abacus Franchise with three ways to earn money.

  1. Class on the traditional abacus in person or online
  2. Learning Abacus Online (Live Online Abacus e-Learning Platform)
  3. School tie up

Make the right decision. Associate with the best Abacus training company. Raise a Franchise inquiry and get all relevant details for further processing for education franchisee opportunity.

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