Mid Brain
  • Also called third eye.
  • The Optic Nerve attaches to the diencephalon. The Optic Nerve is a sensory (afferent) nerve responsible for vision; it runs from the eye through the optic canal in the skull and attaches to the diencephalon. Hence we can call it Third Eye.
  • Midbrain activation is the technique that enables left and right brain communication.
  • Midbrain activated children can do activities while being blindfolded.
  • Midbrain activated children outstand and out space the world.
  • Midbrain Activated people feel elevated and remain happy and distribute happiness.
  • A simple binaural music is used to achieve the results.
  • The child with an activated midbrain reads faster
  • Memory is retention of information and recall. The child now has faster retention and recall abilities.
  • It enhances the ability to resolve problems.
  • The creativity is power of imagination, originality & expressiveness.and many more ….
Course structure
  • For age group 5 to 15yrs
  • No prequalification of a teacher is needed.
  • 3 levels of three months each
  • 8 hour consecutive sessions followed by 8 two hour weekly sessions.
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